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$1.50 per meal: As of today I have no idea of what I am getting into
February 21, 2012

By Ken Bresnan, Parish Outreach Liaison, Catholic Charities


I am a 64 year old male and I enjoy food.


My wife is a marvelous cook and thankfully she has mastered the traditional basics. My favorite sport is snacking on any type of nuts, cheeses and cracker arrangements and I do appreciate a good desert. My hobby is frequenting coffee shops. Nothing elaborate, but at least $1.75 per cup. I have a higher than desired cholesterol tendency so I must be careful of the items that I eat.


My wife and I make a weekly trip to the grocery store and we will also make a few short stops during the week if required. We do not consider ourselves extravagant, but we don't really have to pay attention to what we put in the cart. Whatever the bill is, we have the money to pay for it. I am not sure if I can give an average bill but if I had to guess I would say $120 a week.


Why have I given you all this background about me? Because I am going to be doing the Food Stamp Challenge at different times and from different angles throughout Lent. I invite you all to see if you can meet the challenge for a day, to a week, this Lenten season as well. The idea is to eat on $4.50/day or $1.50 per meal. 


As of today I have no idea of what I am getting into.


Wish me luck and let me know of your experiences by commenting on our Facebook page:


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